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Productive Women

Certification in Global Management & Entrepreneurship

The associate degree in accounting prepares students for entry-level positions and promotional opportunities in accounting, taxation and administrative departments of businesses in areas such as manufacturing, merchandising, financial service, wholesale trades, and government.Specialized training in accounting enables students to maintain accounting records and develop financial reports and make effective use of financial information for analysis and decision-making. Entry-level employment opportunities include positions in accounts receivable and accounts payable, payroll, income tax preparation, and cost accounting.Promotional opportunities include higher-level responsibilities in these areas and the areas of general ledger, financial statement preparation, and financial statement analysis. Learning Outcome(s): ➔ Students will create clear, concise, well organized written business documents, including financial statements, memos and reports, that can be used in an effective manner to communicate. ➔ Students will acquire adequate technical knowledge to create financial information to be used in the accounting and related business environment. ➔ Student will be able to combine critical thinking skills and technical knowledge to solve problems in a constantly-changing professional environment.

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